The fourth international working seminar on the breed Hovawart was successfully completed in Kharkov

The third international pedigree breeding seminar was held from September 30 to October 05, 2013 in Kharkiv with participation of one of the leaders of the German club of Hovawarts RZV - world famous breed expert Michael Kunz, chairman of the judging committee of the club Hovawarts RZV, kermaster, breeder.

Also Anna Piezynska took part in the seminar (Poland, the kennel of Hovawarts "ENORMOUS") - breeder with many years of experience, "mother" of many of our Hovawarts that were brought to Ukraine and Russia during the past 10 years. During many years Hovawarts of Mrs. Pierzynska’s kennel become winners in many European competitions, including Worlddogshow, Eurodogshow, as well as in many European club mono-breed shows.

Andrey Shevchenko (Ukraine) - figurant of the highest category, cynologist-instructor with many years of experience, figurant of the last IPO World Championship among German Shepherds WUSV.

Ukrainian Hovawart cynologists, IPO instructors and handlers, and of course, Hovawarts themselves with their owners also took part in the seminar. Our seminar gathered more than 30 Hovawarts, including 10 Ukrainian Hovawarts with their owners and more than 20 Russian Hovawarts with their owners. The geography of our participants is quite wide: Kharkov, Voronezh, Moscow, Tver, Vitebsk, Severodvinsk and other cities.

The seminar program included activities in several directions: lectures on the breed, breed education, development of the breed, as well as practical work on obedience and protection, and our Hovawarts were officially tested according to the rules of the German Hovawart Club RZV.

It's pleasant to note that all the Hovawarts participating in the seminar took a very active part in the work at the venue. While working with each dog kermaster Michael Kunz checked the level of training of the dog and, of course, took it into account in further activities. Both experienced dogs and dogs beginning their protection training were able to show good results. During the days when the seminar was held some of the Hovawarts were tested by NZB, JB, ZTP, according to the rules of the German club RZV. Dogs that had not previously been tested or those that had failed the test the previous time were allowed to take the test. Together with the classes, there was a preliminary preparation of the track for testing and also training of the people involved in this process was given (when to shoot, to release the chain, how to pull the overalls, and so on).

Much interest was aroused by the lectures of Mr. Michael Kunz about modern trends in the development of the breed and its prospects, issues of breeding.

All the participants of the seminar enjoyed communicating with experienced breeders, instructors and trainers. For the third year in a row, the German Hovawart Club RZV has the opportunity to observe the work of the Ukrainian Hovawart Club, to analyze the development vector of the breed in Ukraine and Russia, to evaluate our work. It is certainly nice to hear Mr. Michael Kunze's words about the positive work and the right direction of the breed development.

Hovawart dog show 2021
Семинар по породе Ховаварт
Монопородная выставка ховавартов
Чемпионат ВКП Ховаварт
Чемпионат ВКП Ховаварт
Andrey Shevchenko
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