The Hovawart is massive, yet not clumsy. It is a strong and vigorous runner and jumper. The breed is   courageous and  attentive, it has an instant reaction. Hovawarts are excellent watchdogs, guardians and companions. Their beautiful fur is a thing to admire.

Appearance and behaviour. The Hovawart is a big, massive dog with long fur. It is clever, attentive, faithful, good-natured. The dog is gentle with children, but at the same time malicious when guarding the owner or the owner’s property. Despite its massiveness and strength the dog is very dexterous, temperamental and kind. It is manageable and docile in training.

Height and weight. Male – 60-70 cm and 30—45 kg, female – 55-65 cm and 25—35 kg.

Head. Big and round shaped head, broad and vaulted forehead, relatively short and unpointed muzzle,  strong jaw.

Eyes. Medium-sized, oval, dark.

Ears. Floppy, high-set, far-set.

Neck. Medium-long, not too thick, symmetric, covered with fur.

Body. Straight and strong back with a well-developed musculature. Slightly narrowed and convex lower back, long back line tapering from withers to tail, deep, well-cut but not too wide chest.

Limbs. Strong, covered with fur, moderately long, with well defined joints, muscular and prominent rear limbs, round-shaped bunched paws.

Tail. Long, thick at the root, thinning gradually towards the end, drooping downwards.

Fur. Long, slightly wavy, well covering the body.

Coloration. Black, straw-coloured, black with white markings on the chest or black with markings.

The Hovawart is very resilient, feels great in both hot and cold weather, it is fast and fearless. These dogs are obedient and easily trained, and at the same time they tend to make independent decision and to have their own opinion about everything. Therefore you should take the Hovawart through a training course if you don’t want to live with a “the malicious genius”.

It is better to start Hovawarts’ training as soon as possible either at home or at a special school. It is very important, because puppies have eagerness to be trained and to obey their owners. Every dog needs a leader who would develop its skill to follow commands. If there is no such a leader the dog overtakes the initiative, which is undesirable. These rules are applicable to any breed.

Hovawarts live long. If their natural abilities are in harmony with good training the dogs become pieceful and faithful partners always ready to share both grief and pleasure of the owners. The only thing that Hovawart is absolutely unsuitable for is life on a chain or in an enclosure! Being very faithful to the owners the Hovawart will be an excellent dog for the whole family. The Hovawart will protect the family in any circumstances, showing exceptionally strong attachment to the children.

Hovawarts like taking part in all aspects of the family life, especially when it comes to communication with children. The Hovawart decides itself whom to consider the head of the family. The dog will make its owners  burn some calories by often pulling the dog-lead during the walk but if the dog-lead comes to hand of a child or an elderly person the dog will behave calmly.

Hovawarts’ impressive barking and physical characteristics can ward off any intruder or troublemaker. The dog does not like to be far from its owners, it likes to keep an eye on all the members of the family.

Coming back from a walk, the Hovawart always hurries home in order to make sure that everything is all right there. A walk with a number of people is a special responsibility for Hovawarts – they will constantly “re-count” all the walkers to make sure that nobody is lost or lagging behind.

The agricultural past of the breed makes Hovawarts insensitive to temperature or climate changes. Though the Hovawart prefers a cool climate, like the one in its historical homeland — Germany. If the temperature is rather high, it is necessary to provide the dog with a constant access to a bowl with cool drinking water. Due to the thick fur neither rain nor wind can be a problem for the dog. The Hovawart likes to run about and roll in snow like a child.

It should also be noted that the Hovawart is a good swimmer and it will eagerly accompany the owner in swimming. Hovawarts are not only graceful but also fast swimmers.

The Hovawart is an excellent guard, protector and companion. Their beautiful fur attracts attention of everybody around.